Screw feeder DRS...E with inlet 180 x 180 mm

Screw feeder DRS...E - Basic configuration and accessories

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Screw feeder DRS...E basic configuration


Alternativ outlets or according to customers needs

Screw outlet with JACOB loose flange Screw feeder outlet with fixed flange PN 10 Screw feeder outlet for mounting  a hose Screw feeder outlet with horizontal outlet
JACOB loose flange Fixed flange PN 10 Outlet for mounting  a hose Horizontal outlet


Screw shaft screwed in and exchangable

Round inlet (alternative)

Screw feeder DRS..E: Screw shaft screwed in and exchangable

Screw feeder DRS...E with round inlet

Ø200 for JACOB pullring
Ø250 Fixed flange PN 10
Ø300 Fixed flange PN 10
or according to customers needs


Screw feeder DRS...E accessories

Cover with connecting flange

Pipe clamp

Pneumatic shutter stamp

Cover with connecting flange Screw feeder DRS...E pipe clamp Pneumatic shutter stamp for outlet
with connection Ø150 for JACOB pullring

for additional fastening